Bright Threads Quilting - More than just machine quilting...
Quilting Prices: Prices are calculated on a square inch basis. To determine the square inch measurements of your quilt top, multiply the length times the width. Actual charges will be figured upon actual quilt measurements.

Minimum quilting charge: $45

Hourly rates: for quilt repair, making quilts from scratch and for any type of assembly $45

Stipple (Meandering): This is a curving continuous pattern over the entire quilt top. This pattern is well suited for busy fabrics and patterns that may hide intricate quilting designs. Size of stipple can be varied (small, medium or large). ($.015 per sq. inch)

Pantograph: Single moderately spaced pantograph pattern, sewn edge to edge in rows across the quilt. Many designs are available. Some pantograph patterns vary in price due to intensity of the stitching. ($.015 to $.02 per sq inch)

Heirloom: Fancy block designs, individual motifs, all-over design, filler stitching (small stippling around quilted motifs), echo quilting, complex or multiple borders and sashing, stenciled and marked designs. ($.02 to $.035 per sq inch)

Quilt basting: Your quilt can be machine basted and ready for hand quilting (Crib $35, Twin $40, Full $45, King $50)

Binding: Binding is stitched to the back of the quilt, folded over towards the front and machine stitched down close to the folded edge. (You provide 1 to 1 1/2 yard(s) of your fabric) ($.20 per inch by machine) ($.25 per in by hand)

Backing Seams: $10 per seam

Batting: Cotton or Poly Batting is available for your quilt at $.25 per inch X quilt length. PLUS 6" extra for attaching to the machine. (Example 80" long quilt + 6" extra batting * .25 = $21.50)

Thread: We have a choice of many colors of thread available. You may specify a color or we can use our judgement.  Choices include, but are not limited to, single colors, multiple colors, varigated, or metalic.  Multiple thread changes, varigated or metalics add $0.005 per square inch. 

Rush charge: $45


Once I have received your quilt, I will measure it and figure the charge for quilting and any other charges that may be needed or that we discussed. The estimate will be emailed to you or mailed, if you prefer. Once you have received the estimate, you will need to give me your approval and then I will begin quilting.

When your quilt is finished, I will ship it back to you (or you can pick it up in person) after I have received your payment. I accept checks or money orders. If sending a personal check, quilt will be held until after check clears my bank. 

Sorry no credit cards accepted.

When mailing your quilt:
  • Your top should be pressed with all seams flat.
  • Fold carefully and place into a pillowcase or appropriate mailing container.
  • Be sure to adequately insure your quilt top.
  • Do not baste, pin or tack the quilt and backing together.
  • Indicate the top of the quilt with a safety pin.
  • Indicate the pattern direction - lengthwise or crosswise on the quilt.
  • Note that the fullness and puckers, which have been pieced in, cannot be 'quilted out'. They will be eased in as well as possible.
  • Clip all the threads on your quilt top. (Stray threads will show through lighter fabrics)
  • For bias edge quilts, stay-stitch 1/4" around all edges.
  • Backing should be at least 6" larger than the quilt top, seams pressed open (if pieced).